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*PRONUNCIATION LINKS for North American English*

​​Table of Contents:    A. Pronunciation  B. You Tube Pronunciation
C. Listening Audio Sites (with Quizzes & Scripts) D. Movie & TV Scripts
E. Speech Sites  F. More Pronunciation (a few pay)  G. Phonics
H. English-English Learner+ Dictionaries & Thesaurus
I. Phrasal (2-word) Verbs, Slang & Idioms   J. Reading   K. Writing & Essay
L. Links to my other ESL & Intercultural Websites 
M. Free ESL Study Material   N. Links to ESL/EFL Link or Activity Sites
ESL = English as a 2nd Language   EFL = English as a Foreign Langauge

A. ESL Pronunciation Sites + more 

(For Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Culture, Link Sites... Keep scrolling down!)


     1. /
GREAT site showing mouth & tongue for the sounds of American English.

2. sounds / easy mistakes for various languages

3. Free mini-lessons on vital points of English pronunciation
4. Sounds of English shown visually

5.  (Sounds of English PLUS intonation and rhythm practice)
6  (listening with sounds of English; mouth & tongue shown for some)

7. (Sample of Rachel teaching a sound by video)
8. page for Rachel's teaching pronunciation

9.  Pronounces words & sentences which you input
(for just words, use free online learners dictionary like & & or native speaker dictionary )

B. Pronunciation on You Tube (linked from websites):

10. English Meeting Pronunication with David Sconda
Examples: th (the, thin):
Dialog and intro site:

11. Fun Easy American English Pronunciation. See Website: http://funeasyenglish.comwith links to sounds on
YouTube like and

12. See a video and hear words that are written on it for you to say:

13. Obama English: (with karaoke script)

14. Real English interviews with subtitles:

C. Listening Audio Sites. Repeat for pronunciation practice too
and to get the rhythm and accent of American English

     15Great SiteCNN/CBS video/audio listening with script/summary/outline/quizzes:

16. leveled stories with scripts (the words used) and quizzes of various types. Easy to use!

17. things to listen to and say - variety - since there are scripts – the words you hear)

19. Website with Questions and answers (Q/A) plus Script of many audio passages:

20. (minimal pairs – words just one sound apart – to test pronunciation & listening)

21. (hear and see the words of a really interesting story)

     22A.   Free membership. High level, real TV shows with discussion. Some mild adult (sexual) content.
22 (tons to listen to & say since with scripts U can practice pronunciation)

22C. Voice of America ESL Site:
    22D. Voice of America English on YouTube:

D   MOVIE & TV Scripts (words said)
for learning English pronunciation & listening
in a fun way!

NOTE: Seems Easier to a movie title or TV series with date like  "Titanic Movie Script" 
than use the below sites unless you want to browse for movies & scripts that are there:
23A. SIMPLY Scripts: [free movie, TV, radio scripts (words said)
for good listening & repeating practice for pronunciation, stress & rhythm.]

23B. MOVIE Scripts:      23C. Another less easy to use I think:

24. TV Scripts 

E. SPEECH SITES (also helps pronunciation & listening):

2        25. Good Speech site (Hong Kong & British Accents): (Great sample student video speeches and the whole process of speech making. To start, click link on link below title: HTML & Streaming WMV video )

26. Great public speaking website for high level listeners: (no ESL help)

              27. (Safe, voice chat and even free English classes online. [Note: needs computers to be set up to allow javascript/ActiveX to download a & install a file and a microphone for communication]

28.   (site on making speeches/presentations)


29. Rong-Chang ESL site:  Great Pronunciation Links

30. (mainly free pronunciation links or pay links with free parts explained)

31.  Links to pronunciation sites explained:

32. A shorter list of links:

33. TIPS on oral English; levels:

G. PHONICS: Links to sites teaching how to spell better (learning how groups of letters pronounced in English):

35. Through the Phonics Barrier - free download manual & mp3 files to practice:

[PAY Sites
with some free stuffon them:      ( 36. )
37. (Expensive but recommended Pronunciation CD-ROM)
38. Free phonetic advice on this page (but don't hit top links)
39. Some Free pronunciation stuff but selling book too:   ]

BRITISH English: Great, Famous British site with pronunciation activities for those learning British English:

H. English-English Dictionary Sites (for English Learners+ - many with audio pronunciation)

41.  (Oxford for learners, British and American English)

42. (Cambridge Dictionary for learners, British & American English)

 43.'s Learner's Dictionary with pronunciation if your computer allows flash)

44. (Newbury-House Dictionary for learners; American English)

45. Pronouncing Dictionary & Thesaurus = dictionary of synonyms = similar words; British & American English):

46. (Multiple [many] dictionaries referenced – mainly native speaker ones)

 THESAURUS (Synonym - similar words so you don't use the same word all the time - sites):

47. Thesaurus for Learners (not too many words):

47.1. Larger Thesaurus so check words with native speaker:
47.2. Largest Thesaurus (only use with native speaker help):

I. Phrasal Verb (2-word verbs "put out" "take off"), Slang & Idioms Websites:

      48. Lots of phrasal verbs - click a letter:  (phrasalverbs)
          You must first click a letter unless you only want "m" phrasal verbs and then click on the phrasal verb for definitions

49. (phrasal verbs in chart form - ABC order)

50. (nice chart with phrasal verbs in ABC
51. Idiom & phrasal verb quizzes on meaning:  (with answers)]

52. Common Slang
52.1: Hear common slang at voa:
52.2 Slang at Dave's ESL Cafe:
52.3 Slang Dictionary (easy to understand):

   53. Basic Idioms (US): ( the easiest, most basic and often used idioms: )

     53.1  Intermediate List of Idioms: 54.  (good list of idioms)

     53.2 Adv. Idioms  Idioms & Proverbs in ABC Order

J. Reading

Builds Up Reading Speed

55.1  Great, Timed Reading Site with quizzes:

55.2 Various ways to build reading:

55.3 Timed Reading & Such:

55.4 A couple reading exercises in light gray underlined:

55.5. Online ESL/EFL Reading Links:

57. Online Reading and Listening Story - mystery/exciting:

58. Great article with easy reading links:

59. Shortened, often humorous news: 

K. Writing and Essay Advice (both written and by example)

A. Sites on academic writing paraphrasing, summarizing, and referencing

60. Excellent instruction website:

(for a tour of this site, see: )

61. Good example website:

62 Multi-theme Example Site:

63. APA style and other college writing links go to section II:

64. Application Essay Advice:

65. English Written Chat Practice : (teach how to get deeper)

66. More links to writing sites:

67. English Verb Tense Book Free (for ESL):

English Spelling Poems: ##. (poem: English crazy spelling)

L. Links to my other ESL & Intercultural websites:

68.  Reading, Writing, Listening, Speeches, etc. in outline form.

  V. OK Pronunciation Site Guide  VI. English-English Dictionary Sites

   VII. TOEFL/TOEIC (so-so), Intercultural Links*, Tech ESL, ELL Link Sites    

71. *Intercultural Learning Links -- See (Good site I believe)  

M. English ESL Study Materials Free: 72
   N. OTHER ESL Linking Sites for Reading & Writing & Listening & Speaking
           ESL Link or Activity Sites

            A. (Lots of things for ELLs to do including links elsewhere )
B. (Lots & lots of things for ESL users to do)
C. (lots of good links for English students and teachers)
D. (huge list of links to around the webs for English of varying quality

E. (Many activities – 4 skills; great site)
F. (Many activities – 4 skills; great site)
G. (one of the first, original Internet ESL sites)
H.  (Waseda Professor's English Learning Links)

I. (Hong Kong Polytechnical Virtual Language Centre)
J. (BBC learning sites for British English)
K. (English links with Annotation)
M. (Great Site with free handouts and dialog run by MacMillan Langauge House.)

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TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
ESL = English as a 2nd (or 3rd...) Language
= English as a Foreign Language
ELT = English Language Teaching

Now More than Pronunciation - listening, speaking, dictionaries, reading writing, link sites, & more!
(NOTE: Watch out for pop-up ads & ads by Google, etc. If clicked you'll often go to a pay site you didn't want. Some free sites must have these.)

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